Piercing sky, I
am the tail
of wind

Walking on a mountain
path each
passing moment as lost
as any other, in all time

Desert wind
Mountain air
this now,
the culmination
of every breath

Ripples whisper a line
where sky and water
Moon has taken its stance
among an army of stars–
silhouette of mountains
like a woman’s shoulders
exposed by midnight’s moon.
Mountain limbs cradle
still water. No
wind just night
heavily expanding
to water’s depth.

Stars in all directions
Mountains rising, falling

May you taste moments
as you taste tea:
        Deep with mind-
        ful reverence.
May you sip pristine
clarity, profound depth, and
expansive sensuality in
every breath

May traces of steam never
go unnoticed

Upon recognizing beauty:
tears and
there is nothing beautiful
about beauty.
Nothing amazing
about amazement.

Rain petals
in my empty, pearl cup.
Tired steam pleading
for another steep.

Nothing meditative
about meditation.

City train
rapid out of station
is an outgoing tide. A
rolling wave of horns
and the wave comes bounding back in.
People depart like sea foam
searching grains of sand for
connections. And then
the tide goes out again

Soft squint through sol-
itude. Awakening to sun breathing
gently on lavender leaves, petals.

Wider gaze sees
glistening in willow leaves, so
soft a song. Taking breath
subtle as if sipping
flute sounds.

Fog swirls, steam sings

Words pass

Dusk is
shimmering willow leaves
seen by full belly eyes
Listening as birds
bid flowers and bees goodnight
through barefoot soles tingling
with day’s activity.

I can hear nothing
but summertime
laying in the sky
kissing birds’ wings with
rich, golden light, whose lengthy shadow
captures the finch’s modest wingspan
on dry grasses. It’s difficult
to forget miracles
on an evening like this

Fog stalks the city, loitering
outside it’s reaches on the tips
of ocean’s limbs.

Crouches on the highlands
around the bay and
as the sun goes down
it pounces
on an unsuspecting twilight,
begins its evening feast.

All sky can do
is watch.
Fog naps and stretches
past the moon and
over the hills.

Days looking
down& walking
past roses, mindless
in yoga poses. Eye
lashes toward the ground &
lips leaning
in a frown
between forced smiles,
staying present in the
uphill miles and mostly
hulled up in this hut
I built in my heart…
Lit a fire, can’t escape and even
chimney smoke looks like art
to the passerby and it’s
painful inside as I’m
expanding chambers, re
decorating for strangers and innocent
love gazers. I
let go of a
fear of danger
let my heart break
wide open, no cool to
tame her and I’m
struck, wild, tender
Unpredictable watching
wide eyed as this
spiral mind unfolds&
story time tells its
tolds.. I let go nothing
to hold its
uncomfortable and bold
as roses and
mindful yoga poses



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